Viral hemorrhagic fever

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"Commonly known as the I-rath flu. Humans and Irathients both carry the bug, but Irathients don't get sick. So if you're Human or Irathient, best thing you can do is stay indoors, stay calm, and avoid contact with others."
- Alak Tarr - If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Viral hemorrhagic fever is a contagious disease.


The disease progresses through several stages: ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")

  • Stage One - Coughing, sweating and increased body temperature
  • Stage Two - Breathing difficulty, severe pain, extreme paleness, sunken features and darkening around the eyes
  • Stage Three - Bleeding from the mouth, nose, eyes and ears; often resulting in death
  • Stage Four - A mutation of the disease can turn the infected into Afflicted with uncontrolled rage, violence, tumor-like growths, expulsion of virulent substances and death within six hours. ("Data Recorder:Stage 4 Outbreak", "Siege")

The disease is passed through skin-to-skin contact but may also be passed from expulsions from Stage Four afflicted. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive", "Siege") Irathients carry the disease but are not affected by it, while Humans will quickly fall ill after infection. Castithans are immune to the disease. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive") Hulkers can become infected as well. ("Pursuit:The Snake's Bite")


An outbreak of this disease occurred in the Bay Area, being spread by a caravan travelling east. ("Data Recorder:Subject Douglas Rivers") The disease spread, causing quarantine efforts to be enacted. ("Data Recorder:Quarantine Recommendation") Soon afterwards the disease began reaching Stage Four and Dr. Eren Niden suggested that those at that stage be killed to prevent them from attacking others. ("Data Recorder:Stage 4 Outbreak") The disease spread to the town of Defiance from the caravan. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times") Eren managed to synthesize a vaccine which she began disseminating using Vaccine Synthesizers. An Earth Republic team entered Cronkhite Bunker to use an ICBM stored there to deliver a supply of the vaccine to Defiance after Eren received a message from Dr. Meh Yewll. Dark Matter stopped the launch but an ark hunter joined Eren to defeat them and send the missile. ("Episode Mission:Launching the Cure") The disease spread through Defiance but luckily the vaccine was recovered and used to treat those affected. At least 24 Humans died in Defiance. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive") Yewll told Datak Tarr that a new strain of the fever had popped up that affected everyone, and offered a vaccine that was instead a sedative. ("Of a Demon in My View")