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 Societal information


Volge language

"Their bodies are built for combat, secreting armor while powering bionetic cold-fire weapons."
- Intel:The Volge

The Volge are an alien race.



Volge are bionetic lifeforms that secret an organic body armor. ("Contract:Volge & EGO Connection Research", "Data Recorder:Nasty War Machines", "Intel:The Volge") Oxygen appears to severely burn the skin underneath their armor. ("Data Recorder:Kraag's Tall Tale") Their bionetic DNA powers their weapons, producing an anatomical catalyst that allows them to bond bionetic plasma particles to Volium munitions. ("Intel:The Volge") [1] Volge reproduce clone-like offspring, meaning that there exists multiple versions of the same Volge. ("Data Recorder:Nasty War Machines") They appear to cause some technology such as Hailers to not function properly. ("Data Recorder:Kraag's Tall Tale")



The Volge originate from another solar system, not the Votanis System. [2] They arrived in the Votanis System and claimed the planet Omec, causing the inhabitants to be brought to the brink of destruction. ("Pursuit:Volge Vindication") When the Votans left the System, they intentionally left the Volge behind. ("Pursuit:Volge Violence") In 2025 unconfirmed claims of a "seventh race", the Volge, were reported on battlefields. ("Nuclear Power comes to St. Louis") At the end of the Pale Wars the Volge retreated to underground colonies in the Storm Divide, occassionally coming out to collect ark debris or attack others. ("Data Recorder:Nasty War Machines", "Intel:The Volge") An army of Volge was directed towards the town of Defiance, intending to kill everyone in town. The army was attacked in Bissel Pass and wiped out from a directional energy blast from a Terrasphere. ("Pilot") Nico used a simulation that involved being hunted by a Volge to scare people while he drained their adrenaline to make Adreno. ("A Well Respected Man") General Rahm Tak had some Volge among his troops. ("The Broken Bough")


  • The Volge were originally spelled "Vulge". [3]