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"There are seven races of Votans. They've been forced to deal with one another for thousands of years. The Votans understand the value of assimilation"
- Pilar McCawley - I Almost Prayed

The Votans are a collection of alien races from the Votanis System.





Votans have blood types that include G, X and V. [1] No Votans have independent mitochondria. ("Intel:Making History")


Arks begin to leave
Arks explode

The Omec were the first of the Votans to venture from their world, where they discovered the other races and began using them for food and slaves. ("The Last Unicorns") The Volge arrived in the Votanis System and waged war on the Omec, eventually joining with the other Votan races to force the Omec back to their own world in the War of Six. ("Pursuit:Volge Vindication", "Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 5") The Omec created the Indogene as a food source, as well as a cunning prey, but they eventually rebelled and fled the Omec homeworld and settled on Daribo. ("The Last Unicorns", "Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 3", "Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 9")

Castithans began visiting the planet Irath and started kidnapping Sensoth to be used in their armies. ("Alien Races & Creatures", "Inside Defiance: Episode 19") In 3502 BCE Indogene scientists began tracking a rogue star that was on a collision course with the Votanis System, which would destroy the entire system. The other Votan races don't believe their conclusions. By 3458 BCE the Indogene have convinced the other races to begin working together to save themselves by building a fleet of Arks. In 3175 BCE, while searching for a fuel source on the gas giant Gula, the Indogene make contact with another Votan races, the Gulanee - energy beings. A deal is made for their help in harvesting Gulanite from their world in exchange for space aboard the Arks. ("World of 2046: Timeline of the Future")

By 3006 BCE the Arks have mostly been completed and the races begin making preparations to choose who will board them. ("World of 2046: Timeline of the Future") The Omec have constructed their own ships to save their people as there was no room given to them by the other Votans. ("The Last Unicorns", "The Broken Bough") In 3001 BCE, the Ark fleet leaves the Votanis System. ("World of 2046: Timeline of the Future") Indogene shapetakes sabotage the Omec ships, destroying all but one of them. ("The Broken Bough")

Aerisian race

The surviving Votans arrived at Earth in 2013 only to find the planet inhabited by Humans. ("Votans and Humans: Together at Last?") After years of negotiations, a patch of land in Brazil was granted to the Votans where they established the colony of Sulos. Onulu Toruku was chosen as the Votan ambassador to the United Nations. ("U.N. Grants Aliens Territory in Brazil") When Toruku was killed by a human, it led to riots and violence around the world before culminating in the start of the Pale Wars. ("Breaking News / 18 March 2023") In 2030 the Arks in orbit were destroyed, raining wreckage down on Earth and killing many Votans still in stasis aboard. ("Arkfall") During the Pale Wars many Votans began embracing interspecies relationships, something that was uncommon for them. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 5") After years of fighting and the Battle of Defiance, both Votans and humans called for an end to the war. ("Earth Military Coalition Confidential", "Data Recorder:Final Draft")


  • The original idea behind the races is that they were each based on one of the seven deadly sins. [2]
  • Early concept art had an "Aerisian race" as one of the Votan races.
  • The original Defiance show script had a race known as "Scavengers". [3]