William Parraba

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William Parraba

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Human-Irathient hybrid





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Episode Mission:The Tranquility Virus

William Parraba is a male Human-Irathient hybrid and the son of Dr. and Mr. Parraba.


When Williams parents fell in love and married, they sought help from Dr. Lyle Franklyn in conceiving a child. ("Episode Mission:On Record", "Intel:Making History") Two viable embryos were implanted in Dr. Parraba but during childbirth, she died and only William was able to be saved. His father took him home. ("Intel:Innocent Lives") His father grew to resent humans, married an Irathient nationalist and placed William into a foster home. ("Episode Mission:Sibling Duties") Despite having a half-brother - Rathus - he did not get along with him. In 2047, William was infected with the Votacide 4X pathogen by Dark Matter. ("Episode Mission:Sibling Duties") Dr. Eren Niden used research from Project Tranquility to synthesize a cure and saved William's life. ("Episode Mission:The Tranquility Virus")