Yargad Gorhash

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Yargad Gorhash

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Intel:Only One Candidate, Intel:Making History II, Main Mission:Aftermath: Until the Arks Rise

Yargad Gorhash was a male Indogene, the believed inventor of the Environmental Guardian Online technology and the High Priest of the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light.


He worked on the personality transference program along with Meh Yewll and Lev, but found that all the minds they tried to replicate resulted in the death of the subject. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Rift in Personalities", "Intel:Making History II") He was contacted by Reh Valamm who wanted his help with her EGO technology as she needed a convincing personality to ensure better integration. ("Intel:Only One Candidate") Yargad said that Reh should be the basis for the personality but didn't tell her it would kill her. He used the personality to complete the EGO devices and claimed them as his own creation. ("Intel:Making History II", "Main Mission:Alter Ego: Ghost in the Machine") He was aboard one of the Arks and is believed to have died aboard them during the Arkfall. ("Loading screen")

When an investigation into Reh's disappearance began, Yargad took another name an boarded a troop transport to Calexico before moving to a Votan monastery on Palomar Mountain. He later began experimenting on soldiers with bionetic implant technology and had to flee after he was found out. ("Main Mission:Pilgrims: High Priest Drifter") In 2047 he was the High Priest of the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light. ("Main Mission:Pilgrims: Pilgrim's Progress") He was aboard the Ark Module that was to be used to transport the Pilgrims to Alpha Centauri. An ark hunter confronted him, finding that LOCI's influence had made him very powerful but was able to defeat him. LOCI took full control of his body and began repairing the modules Tachmag drives. The ark hunter was able to stop them and Yargad finally died. ("Main Mission:Aftermath: Until the Arks Rise")